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Welcome to CV- Direct, An Irish owned company looking to help you achieve your next job! I have worked for some very well known companies such as Google, Microsoft, and large accounting firms. I have personally conducted over 3000 interviews, seen over 5000 CVS and Cover letters. As a recruiter, I would be essentially the "Middle Man" who works with both you and the employers.

There are 3 areas where many applicants fall firstly is their CV, Second is their Cover letter and third been their interview preparation. Employers can typically receive between 80 to 200 CVs a year if they are not inspired by your CV within the first 10 seconds or the first paragraph you may not be considered for an interview with them.

1) As an employer and a recruiter, 8/10 CVs and Cover Letters have spelling mistakes, poor use of words, grammar, the wrong font and size and, too much easy based style. I have helped thousands by redeveloping their CV which gave them a great chance of turning heads and gaining more interviews. 

2) Cover Letters can be a puzzle to many, this is a great way to introduce yourself, focus on your interest, career expectations and high light your achievements. The choice of words is very important, if you don't get the employer's interest within the first paragraph they will not continue reading it.

3) There are a great number of interviews, and how you prepare for them are all different, there are some basics you need to know however to get ahead of everyone there are some advanced ways to succeed too.

The best things in life are FREE, please click on our interview services, and become a member for FREE and gain full access to the interview services.which include:

- How to prepare.

- How to answer the basic questions.

- How to become relaxed during the interview.

- What questions you should ask at the end and why.

- How to follow up with the employers.

- Interview Advice.

- Professional redeveloped CV

- Professional redeveloped Cover Letter or brand new.

Each employer has different needs, different requirements and expectations when they conduct a telephone interview or a face to face interview, the one thing which they all agree on is the layout style of a CV and a cover letter. one spelling mistake, poor grammar, and poor English can lead your CV to been put straight into the bin. This is where CV-Direct comes in.

Have a look at our services, and let's get you started today!